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CV Marie Boyé

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Stagiaire/ assistant
Jeune diplômé
moins de 25K€
Type de contrat
- Indifférent
- Banques et Organismes financiers
- Bourse
- Banque/Etablissement financier/Crédit Bail
- Capital Risque


Currently studying at the Tilburg University for one semester, I am attending a financial track while enrolled in the Msc International Finance Management at the IAE Aix-Marseille GSM. I am looking for an internship (6 months from January 2018) in corporate banking and/or Commodities and Energy sectors, fields in which I would like to specialise in my future career.

My experience in credit analysis in the CM-CIC Leasing for 6 months allowed me to acquire analytical and accounting skills. I am also enrolled in an "Equity Research" online course on eduCBA.

I like to exchange with people in order to broaden my horizons and to take a step back on my analyses and decisions. I have a keen interest in seeking, computing and analysing different types of data as well as challenging my ideas at the rhythm of the market. Conscious the industry is facing a hard task to adapt to economic, political and legal factors, I see this shifting environment as an occasion to learn, adapt and build the finance of tomorrow.

Don't hesitate to contact me at +33 633351503 or by mail at

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully


Expérience professionnelle

Credit analyst intern

CM-CIC Leasing , Paris la défense - Stage

De Janvier 2017 à Juin 2017

- Funding applications treatment from french SMEs: leasing, financial renting, operating lease
- Financial Analysis and accounts adjustments
- Environment Analysis (founders, collateral value)
- Risk analysis conclusion in order to justify the decision

Formations complémentaires

MSc International Financial Management

IAE Aix-Marseille GSM - Finance

2016 à 2019

Financial Track

Tilburg University - Finance

2017 à 2017

Erasmus Program for one semester

Financial Management (Orientation Commodities et Energy) , Risk Management,
Financial Hystory and Intermediation, Financial Statement Analysis

Licence European Economics and Policy

Université de Bordeaux - Economics

2013 à 2016

- Economics issues analysis (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, economics policies, economics history thaught, international trade, contemporary economics facts history);

- European perspectives (European economic integration, European institutions, innovation policy in a knowledge based economy, industrial organization, Europe and economic globalization, European cohesion policy, European competition law and policy, Environmental regulation and ethical business in Europe )

- Data analysis (Applied statistics, Statistical programming, directed idividual study in economics, European Databases, Introduction to econometrics)

- Seminars in applied economics (Nutrition incentives in dairy contract farming, Do LBOs increase the risks of financial distress?, A bio-economic model for the ecosystem-based management of the coastal fishery in French Guiana, Business models impacting social change in violent and poverty-stricken neighbourhoods)

Parcours officiels

IAE Aix – Msc Management stratégique – Management de la Finance Internationale – 2019


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Espagnol - Technique

Chinois - Notions


Analyse financière
Analyse environnement des entreprises
Statuts Juridiques
Financial modeling

Centres d'intérêt

  • Commodities and alternative energies Arts: cinéma d'art et d'éssai
  • peinture (impressionnisme)
  • danse Danse contemporaine Gymnastique Rythmique