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Désolé, ce contenu n'est pas disponible en Français

Though our newsletters are in french and generally address events in the immediate vicinity of the school and sometimes Paris, we have not forgotten Alumni that live abroad or english-speakers who attended one of the schools courses in english.


This article is to provide a brief summary of what the IAE Aix Alumni (IAA) association has been up to recently.


In 2014 the association changed its business model and organisation to enable students to become members for free during their time at the school and become lifetime members for a moderate fee. In 2015 therefore, the IAA has made it easier for students to connect with Alumni and in return the same students bring their enthusiasm to the association. In some cursus, students spend  a significant amount of time in search of people who followed the same program and this helps keep our database up to date.  


Another strong trend is in the type of events that have become popular. The  conference-cocktail formula widely used a few years ago, has been replaced with interactive events such as our Connect to People, Speedworking or the new formula of the Business Club.


Last and not least, the 60th anniversary of the IAE last year is to become an annual event for Alumni to come together for a fine moment.


At the association we remain keen to keep contact with fellows around the world. Here are some of the ways this can be done :

  • make posts on the IAA Linked-in group

  • keep us posted on how your expertise grows and we will relay this to Career Center who is always on the lookout for expertise that could help you, students and graduates in their career path.

  • let us know if you are interested in building a local group of IAE Alumni. We will gladly share information on how our different events are organized.
  • if you would like to have a break in our beautiful region during May why not join the IAE's annual Alumni event : we can help fix up accommodation with members of the network.
  • if you would like to contribute an article to the newsletter, the new "Free expression" section is designed for that.

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